Has anyone here had any luck with a Paleo diet? I’ve been a vegetarian for a good portion and I’m not gonna lie here and say I don’t miss eating meat. There’s just so much information about what’s good and what’s bad, what they are feeding the animals, and whether organic is truly “organic”. I know that my body is not happy with a lot of the things I am feeding it and feel that if I were to change it up maybe some of my anxiety, ache, and pains, and sleeping habits will vanish.

I follow a paleo group online and I’ve seen so many great stories of how people have lost weight and also how it helped them out with some of the issues I have mentioned above, but I’m having the hardest time committing. Reducing sugar is not going to be that much of a problem, but I must admit that I eat a lot of processed foods. It’s just easier and the lazy person deep inside me prefers it. The older I’m getting though, the achier I feel and normal tasks like climbing up stairs or just getting up is becoming a tideous task. Something I am definitely not proud of nor want it to continue. Any advice out there? I have the will, but feel so lost doing it on my own. I shouldn’t have to depend on someone either, but it helps.

Thanks for reading!