Frustrated beyond belief. Whenever I make an effort to lose the weight, I seem to gain weight. When I don’t even think about it I can lose weight no problem, but when I try to make a conscience effort, it’s like the pounds just keep adding on. I’ve only gained a few pounds, but it’s a few too many. Anybody else have this same frustration and if so, what do you try to do to avoid it?

❤ – the grumpyhippy


My Journey

I am going through many journeys right now. As many of you know who follow my blog, The Grumpy Hippy, you know I’m recovering from addiction and also dealing with mental illness. You also know that I’m a survivor and I’m proud of the many changes I have done so far.

Here’s my next chapter. I wasn’t going to dedicate a page to my weight loss but I thought, why not. So many people struggle with weight and I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. I once weighed 400 lbs (I need to find the picture) and then I gained an “awesome” eating disorder and went down to 90 lbs (those pictures aren’t hard to find lol). The point is, I’m tired of having everything in my life be a rollercoaster ride and weight is definitely one that has been in my life.

I want to jot down my progress and what I’m doing to change all that. I almost went back to my eating disorder, but no, I refuse to have that lady back in my life. It’s time to do it healthy no matter how slow it may be. The accomplishment in the end is one that I will forever be proud of just like my accomplishment of sobriety.

I will be posting before and after pictures, some meal plans if I remember, and thoughts of when I feel amazing and also not so amazing and don’t want to workout.

Balance is key and I am slowly returning that back into my life. I am a Libra after all, it’s in me already.

Thanks for reading!
– The Grumpy Hippy

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